Where can I use an evaporative cooling system ?

Evaporative coolers can be used in a wide variety of applications. In general, they are the best solution for extreme working conditions and for large areas where the use of air conditioners is not possible and where the required cooling capacity is too high.

The most common areas of application are listed below.

Industrial applications in general

Industrial in general

Many industrial operations, using furnaces or other heat generating equipment in their production processes, have hot working environments all year round. The glass, steel and plastics industries are prime examples. Heat-related issues in production facilities with multiple floors increase as you move up inside the building.

There are also many older plants that were not designed to handle excessive heat by modern standards. The sun heats them up quickly, which can make employees feel like they’re working in an oven. Not only does this affect their productivity, it can also have an impact from a legal standpoint. European laws and regulations are becoming stricter and extra breaks are now required in some places when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. Furthermore, the heat can also affect the machines, which increases the risk of breakdowns or failures (compressors, pumps, hydraulic groups, control cabinets,…)

Depending on the need, portable evaporative air coolers can provide the necessary cooling capacity. In factories, some areas are often hotter than the rest of the factory. The high heat in these specific areas may caused by the machinery or a manufacturing process, or simply because there are many people working in that specific area. Portable coolers can effectively and specifically target these hot areas. With portable coolers, you can act effectively and specifically on these hot spots.

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Automotive sector

The automotive industry and a number of its suppliers (tire factories, automotive glass manufacturers, foundries, forges, gearboxes, etc.) generate a lot of heat during the day.

Repair shops, garages or tire centers often have their doors open and use simple fans to circulate the air a little. However, fans only serve to move hot air around without cooling people. Evaporative air coolers work better because they generate natural coolness and the airflow is adjustable to small and large work spaces.


Aviation sector

Cooling solutions for the aviation industry are always in high demand. Hangars are very difficult to cool down due to their high ceilings and frequently opened doors. Here, the use of portable cooling solutions is ideal for cooling a specific work area. Cooling the entire interior space would be a waste of money. Our evaporative air coolers have wheels so they can be moved as needed.

You can also cool down the interior of the aircraft by channeling the fresh air. Our evaporative coolers are perfect for large, well-ventilated areas, but they can also be used outdoors. This is ideal for some military applications. You can use evaporative coolers for the outdoor maintenance of your helicopters and airplanes when you don’t have access to a hangar.


Agriculture sector

High temperatures can negatively affect animals (less eggs and milk for example). For example, chickens do not sweat, so they can get sick or even die in extremely hot weather.

Our evaporative cooling solutions allow you to easily and effectively reduce temperatures, creating a comfortable climate inside the barn or chicken coop.


Army sector

There are many situations in the military that require the use of an evaporative cooling solutions. We are a trusted supplier to many armies due to the durability and practicality of our products. Many military missions take place in extremely hot weather in Africa, the Middle East and similar environments that require cooling solutions. Mobile units are used in these situations, which are easy to transport and operate.

Tents and events

Army sector

It can get extremely hot at events with lots of people on hot summer days. Using equipment such as our ecoCLIM 30 allows you to cool more than 300m2, creating an ideal climate in and around the tents. Once connected to a water supply or after a manual refill, this solution gives instant and fully mobile cooling without much effort.


Logistics sector

Evaporative air coolers cannot create a guaranteed specific temperature (such as 23 degrees maximum). Instead, they will cool down your air by 3 to 12 degrees Celsius, depending on the temperature, humidity and ventilation of the surrounding air. When logistics centers want to cool down a warehouse, they must be careful to choose a solution that meets their specific requirements. Instead, they will cool down your air by 3 to 12 degrees Celsius, depending on the temperature, humidity and ventilation of the surrounding air. A fixed cooling system is required to cool an entire warehouse.

The inside of trucks or shipping containers can also become very hot when exposed to direct sunlight, sometimes even to the point where it is almost impossible to unload them. Portable solutions will help reduce the temperature for personnel to load or unload trucks, containers and more.


In general, evaporative cooling systems are an excellent choice for most large and partially or fully open spaces. Examples include greenhouses, gyms, churches or fitness centers. There are usually no realistic alternatives that can provide the right amount of cooling in a cost-effective manner.