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Our slogan: “Remove dust and pollutants from your workspaces!”

OberA , located in Alsace, designs and distributes fixed and mobile devices for dust removal, air purification and air cooling. Expert in industrial air treatment, oberA not only delivers you a product but all its expertise and a real follow-up of the quality of your air throughout the project in order to guarantee you a result.

Our mission

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Expert in air quality for professionals, oberA helps you protect your employees, improve their comfort and productivity, by guaranteeing them healthy air.

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Eliminate odours and gaseous pollutants

Our methodology

We first propose to carry out a measurement as well as a diagnosis of dustiness . This is to determine the rate and type of dust present in your workspace. Following this analysis, we recommend a solution adapted to the situation as well as an expected result . Once validated with you, we move on to setting up the solution . In order to verify the effectiveness of the implemented solution, a second measurement is carried out later. If the results correspond with those expected, we do not change anything, if it is not sufficiently effective, we readjust our solution .

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OberA is the only one to offer it to you, in order to guarantee a safe and effective investment, it is possible to test our devices over a period of 1 to 3 months deductible from the purchase price. For use over a fixed period or for short-term needs, it is possible to rent our devices for a period of 12 to 63 months with the option to purchase.

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Minimize the risks of your investment, buy a result!

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OberA North and Paris region : 01 84 21 48 81

OberA North East : 03 67 10 66 75

OberA South East : 04 28 39 04 05

OberA South West : 05 86 22 06 82


OberA Belgium : 07 88 37 75 16

OberA Germany : +49 176 311 83 081

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