Maintaining an industrial cooler: what you need to know

You want to avoid exposing your employees to heat stress. An evaporative cooler is a great way to lower the temperature in your warehouse or commercial space. If you want it to run at full capacity for many years, a minimum of maintenance is required.

Here’s how to maintain an industrial air cooler.

How to maintain an industrial cooler

OberA offers you mobile industrial coolers from the EcoCLIM range or BIOCOOL fixed professional coolers. In any case, the maintenance and upkeep of these machines is easy to perform. Before servicing an industrial air cooler, remember to turn the power off.

Maintenance of the filter plates

The filtration system of your adiabatic cooler transforms the hot air at the back of the machine into cold air. Clogged filters will significantly reduce the performance of your machine. It is therefore important to remove deposits such as mosquitoes, polen, dust. They can clog the suction of your cooler and clog the pump. As for the filter, it should be replaced about every 3 years.

You should know that on the BIOCOOL range, the closing of the duct is automatic when the device is turned off. This prevents dirt and dust from clogging it. In addition, you can add optional pre-filters. These ensure a better quality of filtration.

Draining the water tank

Mineral deposits in the tank are also likely to accumulate over time. In the long run, they interfere with the proper functioning of your professional cooler. This is even more true if you install your cooler outside. It is therefore important to drain your tank frequently.

Examination of the different components of the cooler

Make sure all components of your cooling device are in working order. To do this, inspect each component or have it checked by a technician.

Indeed, in case of failure, the power of your chiller is not at its maximum.

It should be verified:

  • The water circuit: is the water well distributed on the exchange panels? If this is not the case, the problem may be due to a pump failure, a leak in the water circuit, or a water level problem.
  • The air circuit: does the fan work well at full power? If this is not the case, the problem may be a clogging of the pre-filters or even the filters

The little tip: Is your device damaged? Don’t wait to have a technician troubleshoot. The repair could be even more expensive afterwards! So, we might as well avoid any inconvenience, don’t you think?

An automatic control of your bioclimatic device

The BIOCOOL 15, BIOCOOL 18 or BIOCOOL 30 coolers are equipped with special mechanisms that help you to maintain an industrial air cooler.

An efficient control system

Your industrial cooler is fixed on the roof of your professional premises? With its verifier system, you can supervise your installation remotely. It is, in fact, a device that allows you to both :

  • Identify the source of a possible technical anomaly from a distance;
  • Avoid the high cost of a technician’s intervention.

Its advanced command indicates the precise location of the maintenance to be performed:

  • Pump;
  • The electrovalve;
  • Drainage;
  • Ozone system;
  • Etc.

You also know exactly :

  • The condition of your water tanks in each of your air coolers;
  • A possible error or flaw in the device.

Note that if you have a fleet of several devices, you know exactly which one is damaged.

An integrated antimicrobial device

You want to keep the water in your BIOCOOL tank as clean as possible. With the integrated ozone system, the number of microbes is considerably reduced. A study has shown that in ¾ of an hour the rate of microbes is almost reduced to zero.

The ecoCLIM mobile water coolers are equipped with a UV lamp that continuously treats the cooling water.

A cooler can improve the comfort of your staff or customers. Maintaining an industrial air cooler is a simple, but necessary step. With a BIOCOOL evaporative cooler, you can automate the verification and be alerted to any problem.

Maintain your cooler at the end of the season.

If you want to keep your cooler in good working order, it’s important to maintain it well at the end of the season before storing it for the winter.

Indeed, it is essential to store the device drained and dry.

To do so, here is the approach to take:

  • Clean and drain the unit completely. It is possible to use a weak acid (vinegar) if limestone has been deposited on the walls
  • Specifically clean the strainer around the pump, the pump and the level probes.
  • Let the machine run for several hours (3h) to dry the cellulose achange media
  • Store the device in a dry place

The unit will then be ready to be restarted the following season.

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