OberA removes dust and pollutants from your workspaces thanks to its expertise in air treatment

OBERA monitors and treats the air in your company

The air quality in companies is an increasingly important issue.

The air in industrial workshops, logistic platforms and storage halls is often full of dust and pollutantsresulting from the activity and external pollution.

Indoor air in companies is generally 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. This bad air quality can alter the quality of the products, lead to customer complaints, cause illnesses or reduce productivity. This poor air quality can affect the quality of products, lead to customer complaints, cause illnesses and reduce productivity.

OBERA is an expert in air treatment and offers you :

  • devices to continuously measure the air quality in the company
  • devices to capture air at the source
  • dust removal and filtration equipment
  • industrial air purifiers to professionally treat ambient air and anti-virus and anti-bacterial air purifiers
  • industrial air extractors and fans
  • industrial odor eliminators and gaseous pollutant treatment
  • air coolers and air analyzers
  • oil mist filters
  • industrial vacuum cleaners

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