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oberA’s TV reports in the traditional press and media

Faced with an increase in demand for anti-covid products and our great expertise, the news channels went to oberA to highlight our products and our effectiveness in solving covid-related issues.

BFM Alsace

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The news channel BFM Alsace intervened through the CCI to do an interview on our company in order to promote the actors of the industry in Alsace. Discover our objectives and the core of our activities. Currently available live on the BFM Alsace channel.


logo tf1

TF1 visited our premises to better understand the design and usefulness of CO2 sensors and air purifiers in the fight against Covid-19. A filmed report took place for publication in the 1 p.m. newspaper on 01/18/2022.


20 minutes logo

The newspaper 20 Minutes highlighted OberA’s growth during the covid period by talking about the strong market demand for CO2 sensors and anti-covid air purifiers. An interview written by Luc Sorgius, published on February 05, 2022.


logo france3 region

France 3 régions came to OberA in order to write an article on their website about our CO2 sensors and anti-covid air purifiers. How do they work? and what is the use of these in the face of Covid-19? You will have all the answers in this article written by Catherine Munsch.

OberA’s radio appearances


europe1 logo

Europe 1 carried out a radio report as well as an article on their website to talk about the increase in demand for CO2 sensors for National Education. A growing demand for the well-being of our children and teachers.


france blue logo

France Bleu produced a radio report followed by an article about our CO2 sensors and anti-covid air purifiers. Understand thus the evolution of OberA and what it pushed us to create a pole dedicated to the treatment of the Covid-19.



Radio Chrétienne France presents OberA in its article to discuss the subject of CO2 sensors. Find out more about our CO2 sensors and the OberA course.

You can also find our articles and tips on our blog.