What is the difference between a cooler and an air conditioner?

The difference between an air conditioner and an industrial cooler has several aspects. An air conditioner uses refrigerant gas and consumes 80% more electricity than a cooler. A cooler is compatible with wide-open spaces. The air conditioner requires a closed room. A cooler is less expensive to operate than an air conditioner. Discover the difference between an air conditioner and a cooler in 3 minutes.

Coolers vs. air conditioners: how they work

evaporative air cooler

The operation of the cooler is based on theevaporation of water which consumes heat. The unit draws in hot air and passes it through a media impregnated with cold water. The heat is used to evaporate the water and allow it to drain. The air conditioner creates cold through the compression of a refrigerant. To cool a room, the air conditioner needs an outdoor unit, not the cooler. Let’s detail these two differences.

A cooler does not use refrigerant

To create cold, the air conditioner uses a refrigerant. The unit draws in hot air, passes it through a cold coil to capture the heat before rejecting it. A cooler sucks in air and passes it through a media soaked in water (mains water or water from its tank). Its operating principle is based on the natural evaporation of heat.

Cooler uses 80% less electricity

low energy consumption of ecoclim

An adiabatic cooler has a low power consumption. For its operation, the cooler uses electricity to power a single part: the fan. The air conditioner uses electricity to power 5 essential parts (compressor, fan, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve).

The device cools even very large rooms

refreshment of large premises

Creating cold in large spaces with air conditioners is difficult and expensive. Cooling units work best in rooms that are always open or very spacious. Installing mobile coolers in several locations makes it easier to lower the temperature in rooms that are considered un-air-conditionable.

The price of the coolers is more interesting

ecoclim coolers at an interesting price

Under equivalent operating conditions, a mobile or fixed cooler costs less to purchase. In addition, its power consumption is much lower than that of an air conditioner. The operating and maintenance costs of evaporative coolers are 10 times lower than those of air conditioners. The installation of a cooler is less complex than that of an air conditioner, therefore less expensive.

A cooler ensures the balance between humidity and cooling

An air conditioner produces cold and dries the air. Sometimes, the temperature difference is very important and generates discomfort. The cooler is an evaporative cooler. The unit ensures a balance between humidity and cooling. The humidity level increases by about 5%. The temperature difference between cold and warm air does not exceed 12 degrees.

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